Babyballet New Zealand moves online to keep local pre-schoolers dancing

Press Release – 31 March 2020

Our New Zealand pre-school ballet dancing schools have moved all lessons online to enable toddlers to keep dancing during the disruption of the coronavirus outbreak.

babyballet® New Zealand has moved its classes that are usually held face-to-face to a private and secure online platform.

Emma Payne, owner of babyballet New Zealand, said:

“It’s a worrying time as the world deals with the outbreak of the coronavirus but we are remaining very positive. As more and more families self-isolate and limit the amount of social contact that they have, our primary focus is to ensure children and families around New Zealand can still enjoy babyballet®, even if they can’t physically come to classes.”

Emma added:

“Our babyballet® pupils are aged from six months to six years-old and most have no idea about the coronavirus and the effect it’s having in the world around them. It’s our responsibility to keep the babyballet® world as normal as possible for them. We will be delivering our online classes with as much passion and energy as ever, it’s just that instead of being in a dance studio, we’ll be on a screen in children’s living rooms!”

babyballet® is headquartered in Halifax, UK, and has over 100 dance schools across the UK, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore.

Founder and CEO, Claire O’Connor, explained:

“There are going to be a lot of families trying to keep their children entertained over the coming weeks. We hope that by providing babyballet® online children can still enjoy the fun and laughter of classes and continue to keep active.

“As a company, we have had to adapt quickly to ensure business continuity and have worked closely with our entire network who have all been fantastically supportive over the past couple of weeks to help take babyballet® online.

“The response we’ve had from parents and carers has also been really positive; they’re pleased that the children can keep attending classes and that, in addition, they can continue to support our franchisees, who are all small businesses.”

All the online classes will adhere to babyballet’s strict and rigorous policies around safeguarding. Parents who already take their children to babyballet® classes are being contacted with log-in information for the online platform. New pupils can also join in – just look for your local school to find more details.

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a babyballet® licensee please contact Emma on 022 322 4020 or Apply today for your own babyballet® preschool dance program.