blog: Diamond recognition for babyballet at the Tommy’s Awards 2019!

On Thursday 11th July 2019, the Tommy’s awards brought people from far and wide to celebrate the incredible supporters, families, researchers and healthcare professionals who have come #TogetherForChange. From parents who have weathered the most difficult challenges, to babies that have battled the odds, it was set to be the most special and empowering event in the calendar.

What babyballet have done for Tommy’s

In 2016, our little stars took part in their first ever Danceathon to support Tommy’s who are the UK’s largest charity funding research into the causes of miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth. After being set the target of raising 100k, the babyballet network created fundraising history as the final total reached a phenomenal £371,154. This was all down to the fun that babies, toddlers and children had in our Peppa Pig themed classes during Danceathon week.

Later in 2018, the second babyballet Danceathon took place and this time our little stars were given 5 challenges to complete … to make a cup of tea for your babyballet teacher or grown-up, point your toes before you gallop across the room, jump with your feet together and try to point your toes when you jump, hold your balance on one leg for as long as you can and count to 10 with your babyballet teacher and grown-up whilst playing your musical instrument. At babyballet, we think it is vital to ensure that our dance teachers incorporate imaginative stories into our ballet classes … and the Danceathon is no different. Let’s face it, what child doesn’t love Peppa Pig?!


Dancing and jumping in muddy puddles aside, we were extremely pleased to have raised a further £429,584 in 2018 – this is an overall total of £806,738 that babyballet have raised for Tommy’s!!! This groundbreaking amount raised will fund a Tommy’s research centre for 2 years and help over 48,000 couples take home a healthy baby – which is simply incredible. We could not be more proud of all of the hard work that our entire babyballet network have put into fundraising for this amazing charity.

What do Tommy’s Do

Tommy’s help women at every stage of their pregnancy journey and supports them and their partners with answers and care. They have 4 research centres across the UK, where they conduct pioneering research into miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth.

We are all blessed beyond belief when our children arrive and grow up to be healthy and happy. And yet tragically, every year, 1 in 4 women lose a baby during pregnancy or birth. The money raised by babyballet stars in the Tommy’s Danceathon helps to fund Tommy’s vital research into miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth, and provide pregnancy health information to parents. Tommy’s wants every parent to have the best possible pregnancy outcomes and to take home happy, healthy babies.

One of their most recent trials, PRISM, confirmed that progesterone treatment can prevent miscarriage for some women experiencing bleeding in early pregnancy. This is just one of the projects that Tommy’s have been researching and isn’t it just great that they are able to do this?!

The 2016 Danceathon was the first ever time this babyballet had fundraised for Tommy’s. Jane Brewin, CEO of Tommy’s, said:

“Partnering with babyballet has helped us move one step closer to achieving our goal of halving the number of babies that die during pregnancy or birth by 2030. The money that was raised will make a real difference to families across the UK and we are so grateful to every single babyballet star for supporting us in our efforts.”


About the Awards

babyballet with Tara and Saira Khan at Tommy's Awards 2019

This years Tommy’s Awards were supported by the hashtag #TogetherForChange. This tag was launched for the campaign to tackle the silence around baby loss and help parents who have gone through such heartbreaking times to share, connect and support each other.

Two members of our lovely Head Office team travelled down to London to celebrate the awards and had such a fantastic day. They were joined by a number of service providers, families that had been affected by the loss of a baby and influential speakers. Throughout the day, families and guest speakers were invited to share their experiences surrounding miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth. And not forgetting the giving of awards …



We were absolutely ecstatic when Saira Khan, mum of 2 and ITV presenter, awarded us with the ‘Community Diamond Award’!!!

This award recognises the dedication of our network who have gone above and beyond to raise such an outstanding amount for this special charity. babyballet would like to dedicate this award to everyone who has supported the fundraising efforts for Tommy’s over the past three years. A huge THANK YOU goes to our incredible network of franchisees, teachers, staff, babyballet stars and their families – YOU are the ones who have made this achievement possible!

In 2018, babyballet classes also won runner up for Best Family Children’s Activity Provider. We are so happy to have been recognised yet again by Tommy’s. They have always been a joy to work with and have supported us tremendously.

We look forward to supporting this phenomenal charity in future Danceathon’s, to continue to help saving babies lives!

To find out more about what Tommy’s do, click here.


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