Guest Blog: The Wild One

We just love hearing from our babyballet dance teachers. We hope you enjoy reading our new blog by Miss Kelly, babyballet Teacher and Franchisee at babyballet Colchester.

| As babyballet® teachers, we regularly get asked by parents, what to do when their child is the ‘wild’ one in the class. We have even been told it even puts some parents off booking into our babyballet classes! “Oh no, they are far too lively for a ballet class”, they say. Well, we want to reassure you that this is not at all the case. In fact, we pride ourselves that our classes are more than just a dance lesson; they teach your little one important skills for life…

During our classes, particularly our babyballet Tinies class (18 months – 3 years), we ask that grown ups try and keep their children on the mats. We make sure that when you arrive, our mats are set out, one per child so they become accustomed to the routine of choosing and sitting on a mat. One of the main reasons we ask this is because we know that children love to copy, and as soon as one child is off, suddenly the entire class is off running about the room! We do understand though that this is easier said than done… please know that we do not expect miracles and at this age, of course, the children are excited and are just enjoying their babyballet class and the music.

As a babyballet® teacher, I am so grateful to have grown ups in the room to help me keep the class in order. To my babyballet grown ups, I want to thank you all personally for persisting, and for being that grown up who is constantly collecting their child when they are running around. I understand its difficult… there may be tantrums! You will no doubt feel embarrassed, but trust me, there is no need – you are not the only one! (P.S. it definitely will not be the first tantrum of the week for a babyballet teacher). It is important to remember that all children progress at different stages and some do have more confidence and energy than others.

If you are feeling like your child is the wild one and are unsure whether it will ever work, then I wanted to share with you a little success story, Ruby (pictured above) came to babyballet at 18 months old and her parents will agree that sometimes it was extremely hard work keeping Ruby on her mat! She loved her babyballet class and was just far too excited to be sat on a mat for the opening songs at the start of the lesson. As Ruby grew up and moved through the babyballet Movers (3&4 years) classes she learnt to stay on her mat by herself and by the time she was in our babyballet Groovers class (4-6 years), where we ask parents to sit outside, she had become a wonderful pupil who concentrated throughout her lesson and not only was she a beautiful ballerina but was so kind and always offered to help if there was a new student in class. Ruby graduated from babyballet® at Christmas last year and has carried on dancing at her local school – I hear is still loving dance!

We were so lucky to have Ruby as a babyballet® star and share some very precious moments with her and her family. We’re sure that, with help from the structure of her babyballet classes, Ruby will continue to grow into a happy, polite and understanding girl. See, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being the wild one!

Love, Miss Kelly x |

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