Hundreds of ‘tutu’ proud parents get together for Starmakers show at babyballet Chester East and Wrexham!

babyballet® Chester East and Wrexham held their annual Starmakers show at The Vanbrugh Theatre in Chester, which showcased dance skills after a course of dance classes for kids with babyballet®.

Chester East Show 2019

Over 90 babyballet® stars aged between 3 and 6 years old captivated 500 excited parents, family members and friends on the 12th May 2019 for two wonderfully performed professional pantomime style shows.

babyballet® characters Twinkle and Teddy, the adorable bears, Flutterstar the Fairy, Chuck the Cowboy and Grandad Jack, the King of the Castle in the Sky, joined all of the children on stage in this wonderful performance, where they thoroughly enjoyed dancing for their audience.

On their Grand Adventure, Twinkle and Teddy took the other babyballet® characters to the Wild Wild West where they joined in the dancing cowboy rodeo. When they finished, they had a dinnertime picnic in the sunshine with their kites and watched the busy bees buzzing around before going on a wonderful adventure on a pirate ship.


Chester East Show 2019

Then it was time for Flutterstar’s surprise birthday party with jelly and presents followed by the bright lights of Hollywood! We were then taken to the fun of the Fiesta before joining in for the grand finale!

The audience were enchanted as they clapped and even danced along at times!

Stephanie Larty, principal of babyballet® Chester East and Wrexham, stated, “It is the third babyballet show I have put on and it was amazing! Everything went perfectly and I couldn’t have been prouder of the children participating!”

One proud parent, Kristina Parker, mummy to Lyssia, said, The show was absolutely fantastic and really well organised! Miss Steph and the rest of the staff were amazing! The whole day ran so smoothly and everyone had a great time. The children all looked super cute in their costumes and performed like pros on stage. The characters were brilliant and the children got to dance with them for the finale which they loved! I can’t wait for next year’s show!!”

Lyssia herself said, I really enjoyed dancing in the show with my friends. I liked the songs and my costume was really pretty. My favourite part was seeing Twinkle Bear and getting my certificate when I finished the show.”

Chester East Show 2019

Another babyballet® star, Matilda, summed up her babyballet experience by saying, I was so excited about being in the dance show with my friends. I loved being on the stage in the beautiful, sparkly dress & showing everyone all the dances we had been learning. I was a little bit nervous, but doing ballet & tap with my friends & Miss Steph is my favourite thing to do every week, so I made sure I was brave in front of everyone.”

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