babyballet Josh goes live on BBC Newcastle!

At babyballet, we strive to give EVERY child the chance to dance, and teaching ballet isn’t just about female teachers and little girls in pink. We have lots of little stars who are boys and we actively encourage all our little ones, both boys and girls, to take part in our classes.

We are thrilled that within our babyballet family, we do also have two male teachers. Defying the stereotype of the traditional female ballet teacher, Josh (pictured) and Matty sit alongside our talented family of equally fantastic female babyballet teachers, bringing the gift of dance to thousands of little people across our babyballet network – in the UK and internationally!

Josh teaches little ones from 6-months old upwards!

Josh teaches babyballet classes with children from 6-months upwards, teaching mainly in the Dunston and Whitley Bay areas of the North East. He loves the ethos of babyballet being for everyone no matter what size, shape or ability.

“The little ones can’t do plies at that age and we’re not expecting them to. What we’re trying to teach them to do is to clap in time to the music, follow along and get them to use their motor skills. Even after one class they’re just ‘getting it’ straight away. They love to copy and they’re like sponges!”

Boys love to dance!

During his interview with BBC Newcastle – Radio for the North East, Josh was keen to talk about the benefits of dance for everyone, particularly boys.

“Boys do definitely want to dance. Lots of boys given the choice will dance. I teach in school as well and they come into lunchtime clubs to be taught. The number of boys that come in their own free time, of their own free will when they could be outside playing football, but they decide instead to dance, is unreal.”

We are so proud of Josh for stepping up to the mic and flying the flag for all male dancers and for spreading the magic of babyballet. Across all of our babyballet classes, we want to encourage more boys to dance. We hope the interview with Mr Josh will inspire many more families with little boys to know just how beneficial dancing can be.

You can listen to Josh’s full interview by playing the video below.


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