Blog: Dust off your dancing shoes for the Tommy’s Danceathon at babyballet!

With the new babyballet term in full swing, it’s the perfect opportunity to keep on practising those steps by taking part in the Tommy’s danceathon! A huge success in 2016, we can hardly believe that it’s almost time for the next one and we couldn’t be happier about supporting this wonderful and deserving charity in 2018. Which is where your little one and all the wider members of the babyballet family come in! We want to make this year’s danceathon the best yet and have set our fundraising target to £500,000! The challenge is a whopper, but we know our little ones can skip and tap their way to the top and with friends and family supporting them, we are confident we can reach our target.


Why take part?

 We are all blessed beyond belief when our children arrive and grow up to be healthy and happy. And yet tragically, every year, 1 in 4 women lose a baby during pregnancy or birth. The money raised by babyballet stars in the Tommy’s Danceathon will help to fund Tommy’s research into miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth, and provide pregnancy health information to parents. Tommy’s wants every parent to have the best possible pregnancy outcomes and to take home happy, healthy babies. To find out more about Tommy’s life-saving work, please watch the video below:

The 2016 Danceathon, sponsored by Arla Big Milk, was the first ever time this event had taken place. Jane Brewin, CEO of Tommy’s, said:

“We’re thrilled to have worked with babyballet and to raise the incredible amount of money that we have done through the Tommy’s Danceathon. Tommy’s are the largest charity funding research into the causes of miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth.


Partnering with babyballet has helped us move one step closer to achieving our goal of halving the number of babies that die during pregnancy or birth by 2030. The money that was raised will make a real difference to families across the UK and we are so grateful to every single babyballet star for supporting us in our efforts.”


What’s involved for my little one?

Tommy's the baby charity come together with babyballet and Peppa Pig for Danceathon 2018 - a sponsored event fundraising for research into premature birth, stillbirth and miscarriage

For many children, this will be their first ever sponsored event so it’s important we get the balance just right so that our little ones have fun but also raise money for families who maybe haven’t had the same chances. And who could be more inspiring to captivate their imaginations and get them going than the fabulous children’s TV favourite Peppa Pig! In the Tommy’s Danceathon, our little stars will be sponsored to complete five challenges featuring Peppa Pig and her little brother George.

What are the five challenges?

Miss Kirsty Babyballet Classes are for children from 6 months to 6 years old. These contemporary dance classes are the perfect activity for tots, toddlers and pre-schoolers to exercise, make friends and grow in confidence. Miss Hannah is a franchisee running her own dance school and ballet classes for kids on behalf of the international babyballet brand. Kids, boys and girls love to learn to dance at babyballet in Croydon and surrounding areas.

Princess Peppa and Prince George are hosting a magical tea party for all the babyballet stars at the Castle in the Sky!

On their journey your babyballet star will complete the following challenges:

Challenge #1: Make a cup of tea for your babyballet teacher or grown-up

Challenge #2: Point your toes before you gallop across the room so your babyballet teacher can see it

Challenge #3: Jump with your feet together and try to point your toes when you jump

Challenge #4: Hold your balance on one leg for as long as you can

Challenge #5: Count to 10 with your babyballet teacher and grown-up whilst playing your musical instrument


We’re hoping that our babyballet children will really get behind the event and want to raise as much money as they can for Tommy’s. Oh, and did we mention there are prizes?!

Your little one and your family could win these fabulous prizes!

Tommy's the baby charity come together with babyballet and Peppa Pig for Danceathon 2018 - Danceathon prizes

We know that taking part in the Tommy’s Danceathon and raising money is a huge achievement for a little person and deserves a reward!  So, Tommy’s have promised to send every fundraising babyballet star a memento of their first fundraising challenge.

  • For every little one who raises even just a pound, a treat will be coming their way.
  • Raise more than £1 and receive a certificate to commemorate the event.
  • Raise more than £30 and receive a certificate and an exclusive Danceathon activity book.
  • Raise more than £100 and receive a certificate, a Danceathon activity book and a limited edition Peppa Pig DVD.
  • Raise more than £200 and receive a certificate, a Danceathon activity book and a limited edition Peppa Pig DVD and a Peppa Pig goody bag.

The person who raises the most money overall will win a family ticket to Peppa Pig World!

How do we sign up?

 Tommy's Danceathon at babyballet Click here to start fundraising!Sponsorship forms are available from your babyballet dancing school so make sure you tell your local babyballet teachers you want to take part. Or you can start fundraising right away by clicking here to set up an online sponsorship page for your little star.

If every babyballet® star raised just £22 together we could raise £500,000 to fund lifesaving research at our 4 research centres across the UK!

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